One-man businesses, international groups, and everything in between

We have customers of all sizes and sectors. Restaurants Uusi Seurahuone and Petrellin Saluuna are examples of relatively small hospitality industry companies, while our large technology customers include Specim, a developer of hyperspectral cameras, and Green Building Partners, an expert of greener building techniques. We are also the accountancy firm acting for the Head Invest Group and the Group companies.

“Head Balance is an accountancy firm with a human touch that does not hide behind telephone exchanges and e-mail. That’s why their service is quick and excellent every time.”

- Tommi Tuhkanen, Managing Director, Restaurant Hugo,

“Nina’s expertise and professionalism in payroll management and collective agreement issues is invaluable. An online payroll system creates added value to our cooperation, and employees appreciate the electronic payslips e-mailed to them.”

- Kaisu Kivioja, CFO, Proventia Group Ltd,

“It is really easy to monitor costs with all invoices available in the accounting system. You can check the real-time financial position daily if you like, anytime, anywhere. Approving payments in Fivaldi is very straightforward, and then Head Balance takes care of the rest. They can provide a genuine turnkey solution for financial administration.”

- Matti Verkasalo, CEO, Ceruus Ltd,

“With the online invoicing application, I can spend less time on paperwork and more time with my business. I don’t have to worry about payments and due dates, just about sales performance and project management. I would never go back to the old system with paper invoices and files.”

- Keijo Leppävuori, Co-owner, Green Building Partners Ltd,